They’re rotting now, but a week ago these jack-o-lantern mushrooms were pretty awesome. When the light was right you could see the spores wafting away like smoke. I should have made some spore prints. #latergram #fungi

A lowbush blueberry heath-oak forest, typical of the gravel terrace hills of the eastern part of DC. This one is near Rt. 50 and the Washington Times building. #plantcommunities #thisisDC #dcnature #igdc

This is one of 11 box turtles that were saved from the Costco development in NE DC. Here you can see the tiny radio transmitter that’s epoxyed onto the turtle’s carapace. DDOE Fisheries & Wildlife had been tracking these titles for four years. #terrapenecarolina #boxturtle #thisisDC #igdc #dcnature (at United States National Arboretum)

Grumpy turtle.
Eastern box turtle ABP. #terrapenecarolina #boxturtle (at United States National Arboretum)

Tortoises grow rings like trees. #terrapenecarolina #boxturtle (at United States National Arboretum)

Eastern box turtle ABK (aka Lindsay Turtle). She likes to wander. We track her using radio telemetry. (at United States National Arboretum)

Hercules beetle. (at United States National Arboretum)

Bittersweet nightshade. (at Ft Dupont Park)

Kudzu. #invasiveplants #studentconservationassociation #dcnature (at Walter Pierce Park Dog Park)

Five vines on one tree. Four are native plants, one is invasive. From left to right: summer grape, trumpet creeper, Virginia creeper, poison ivy, English ivy. The tree is a pawlonia, which is also invasive. #invasiveplants #nativevines #igdc